Effective Methods To Get Followers On Facebook And Shoot The Reach Of Your Posts

Since the emergence of social networks more than a decade ago, these have become another channel to contemplate in the marketing of any company. In fact, an effective strategy in Social Media can end up catapulting e-commerce towards success.

And as among all social networks, Facebook, with more than 2 billion users, remains the cornerstone, today we are going to teach you a few tricks to get followers on Facebook and take advantage of them to increase your sales.

Are you ready to shoot your sales thanks to your new followers on the Zuckerberg social network?

Is it still worth a strategy to gain followers on Facebook?

We will start analyzing the current situation of the largest social network in the world and its possibilities.

It is a sensation that has been floating in the environment for a long time.

The scandals for the filtration and sale of data, together with the movement of younger profiles to other social networks, have meant that more than one has wanted to “condemn” the social media platform par excellence.

One thousand four hundred forty-nine million people, which represents 66% of the 2,196 million total users of the platform, enter each day.

There are more data that do not paint the picture badly, such as the percentage of income and benefits that have not stopped growing since its inception.

It is true that other social networks, Instagram especially, have eaten part of the toast of the younger audience, but as Instagram belongs to Facebook, it stays all at Mark’s house.

In addition, the creation of advertising campaigns on both networks is done from the same platform, which also greatly facilitates the work.

In order to get brands to make more paid campaigns, he limited the organic reach of fan pages. That is, when a brand publishes, fewer followers see it.

The default range was reduced, it is true, but there is more history behind it:

What was reduced was the scope of publications that did not generate just interaction rewarding those that did.

If the first people who see the post comment or like, Facebook continues to show it to more people, if you enjoy interaction again, keep growing invisibility.

However, if Facebook shows the publication in the timeline of your followers, but few or none react to it, it will condemn it to invisibility. In the end, it is a business that lives on the content generated by its users, and it is obvious and natural that only the publications they like are shown.

This change has hurt those brands with many followers but very low interaction, rewarding those well worked.

The new goal of brands is to gain followers based on content that entertains and generates interactions. Only then can it be translated into sales.

That is why we insist on getting quality followers against quantity.

Advantages Of Growing Your Followers Base

Analyzed the reality, and aware of the challenge of creating content with a hook to boost the organic reach, we go with the advantages of achieving it.

Social proof

As online shoppers, we like to know that we are not the only ones.

Seeing that a brand has the support of many people in the form of likes conveys confidence, increasing with it the conversion rate of our e-commerce.

It is the symptom of the empty bar that we have mentioned more times. Users like to see “environment”:

  • Lots of followers.
  • Updated publications.
  • Opinions
  • Comments and conversation in the post.
  • Shared items

In short, a live fan page with real followers. If you get it, you can not worry about the reach.


It is obvious, the more followers, the more reach. But beware, you know that there is another indispensable requirement: the interaction generated with those followers.

Strategies To Grow Your Community On Facebook

  1. Include the “Like” button on your website

The possibility of becoming a fan of the Facebook page of your e-commerce without leaving your website is a powerful and fast way to retain visits.

It’s about making it easy for the user and saving him the step of having to open Facebook to find your business and follow you.

The “Like” button, together with the subscription box to the email newsletter, are elements that cannot be missing on your website. You can also buy Facebook post likes here too.

Your website must be an arrival site, not an exit site. Let them like me, but don’t make an outgoing link to your social networks too affordable. These are visits that will leave so as not to return.

  1. Implement a Social Locker

Refrain from including it in all your content, or else your followers could perceive you as an interested party who only wants to see his visibility grow at any price.

  1. Organize Contests And Sweepstakes

Without a doubt, it is one of the best techniques to get followers on Facebook, thanks to the great impact it generates. Performing occasional raffles of your products will bring you a large number of likes and shares at a low cost and will make you look like a nice business that rewards its followers. You can also read more about the process of Facebook post likes to buy and eventually boosting your social media handle.

However, remote the possibility of winning is, people will bite the hook. Even people who have just discovered your page will share the post. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff?

You already know that if you don’t do it, most followers won’t see your posts.

In reality, your number of followers on Facebook does not matter, but the number of “people who are talking about this.” This figure reveals more clearly your real reach because it is about the followers who are truly interacting with your content.

Spend time also responding to comments. Making a publication seeking interaction and letting the people who respond with the word in your mouth convey a very bad image and will cause those people not to comment again.

BONUS: Invite your followers to click on “see first”

If you want to receive an extra boost in the scope of your publications, you should try this.

Your followers, unfortunately, do not follow you exclusively but follow many other brands. And that means that your posts compete with those of all those other brands that are also followed by your followers.

Invite your followers to select “See first” or even activate notifications to receive a notification when you post something new.

Most real active Facebook followers will not, but the few who do will see your content above the rest.

If they have redefined it as a priority, they will be more likely to interact, which in turn will make the Facebook algorithm show it more and have a more extensive track record in the competitive fight for the attention of consumers.

These are the best tips to get more followers on Facebook, and, as you have seen, most of them do not require more investment than your time.

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